Introducing Our American Family: The Smiths

Hello Our American Family Viewers!

We’re pleased and excited to announce the release of our latest Our American Family documentary, featuring the Willie and Rena Smith family of Goldthwaite, Texas. The Smiths are one of many families who applied to be a part of the Our American Family project, and we know you’ll fall in love with Bob, Lou, Mae and Arthur as they tell you their everyday family’s extraordinary story.

Our American Family: The Smiths will become available for broadcast on public television stations beginning in late September 2013. Please reach out to your local station and ask them to consider airing this special program!



Terry Caliper

posted on October 20, 2013Reply

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I am amazed at the courage and determination of the Smith family. Their beautifully told story is such an inspiration.


posted on January 17, 2014Reply

Terry, thank you for your kind words. It has been an amazing journey for us as filmmakers to see how all of our families have rich, meaningful stories to share.

gloria cohen

posted on June 21, 2015Reply

Beautifully told regarding the Smith Family. I wanted to know more about them, how Rena’s life ended, how the childen fared, and their children. It was a beautiful story, left me hungering for more.

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