Next Steps

Thank you

We appreciate your interest in applying to participate in the Our American Family project. All applications are reviewed by the Our American Family production team with guidance from a panel of oral history scholars. We hope that regardless of whether or not your family is chosen you will continue on the path of capturing your family’s unique story so that it may inspire present and future generations.

What Happens Next?

Finalists are determined and those families’ representatives are notified. Preliminary interviews with each primary family member of a finalist family are scheduled and conducted by phone or via an online video service.  Families are then chosen from among the slate of finalists families to become part of the Our American Family project.

Three key steps follow a family’s selection:

    1. Scanning family archival photos and, if available, duplication of family video/film
    2. Filming of family member interviews; filming will take place on a date and at a location coordinated with the family
    3. Filming of re-enactment scenes and b-roll footage, which may involve the participation of family members