Our American Family: The Furutas available May 2015

The latest Our American Family documentary, The Futuras, will be available to public television stations in time for May’s Asian American Heritage Month. By all indications, this powerful installment in the Our American Family series will be our most viewed to date. Here’s a synopsis:

Through hard work, the Furutas, a Japanese American family of Wintersburg, CA established a successful goldfish farm, only to have their business devastated and family separated in the wake of WWII. Following years in an Arizona relocation camp, their indomitable spirit prevails as they return home and band together to pursue the American dream a second time.



posted on May 10, 2015Reply

Just watched the Fururas story. Like so many others who had a dream of a better life, it is a testament to vision, perseverance, hope, hard work and optimism, even when faced with harsh treatment and difficult conditions. It was obvious in the program that the children and grandchildren were proud of their parents and grandparents. It is families like the Fururas that have helped build our country.


posted on May 11, 2015Reply

Why is this not on the cable channels?


posted on May 23, 2015Reply

This is a beautiful and inspiring story; so well done. It helps us to keep uncovering so much of our country’s true history that is so difficult to find.


posted on March 30, 2018Reply

Amazing family story tying in faith, forgiveness, passion, and hard-working young immigrant raising his American born family through their internment camp experience during World War II and their resettlement. Beautiful family.

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