Capturing Voices

The Concept

Everyday families have extraordinary stories.  Our American Family seeks to document our American family heritage, one family at a time, before those voices are gone.

The first half of the 1900’s represents the last era of American life that, for most families, began largely unchanged from the generations that came before. Our American Family captures the voices of the generation that experienced this simpler time and the change that followed.

Each year since 2012, one of our family documentaries has been selected for syndication on public television stations.  The goal of that exposure is to encourage all families to capture their stories now while they still can.  To date, Our American Family documentaries have been aired more than 6,000 times across 82% of the public television viewing audience.

Every day that passes is another day closer to a day when we will no longer be able to hear first-hand what it meant to be a family during this simpler time, before the world changed.  To hear first-hand what lessons were learned that we can apply today.

If you would like to add your family’s story to the Our American Family tapestry, we would like to work with you. We encourage you to review our requirements and to submit an online application.

Our American Family serves as a mirror and seeks to inspire all of us to capture their own stories – before those voices are gone.

Public Television Broadcast Dates

To learn when Our American Family documentaries will be shown in your area, or to request that the series be considered for broadcast, please contact your local PBS station.