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Shared Values

A diverse tapestry united by a common belief in the American dream

So needed in this day when we need to look at our shared humanity

These stories relate to my own life and family heritage causing me to reflect on what truly matters

Capturing Voices

History is so often framed in terms of major events and famous personalities, but there's much value in seeing it through the eyes of everyday people. Our American Family serves as an important document of those experiences, told in the voices of those who lived them and captured while they are still alive to tell their story.

Ron Bachman, Sr. Director of Programming


The first half of the 1900’s represents the last era of American life that, for most families, began largely unchanged from the generations that came before. Our American Family captures the voices of the generation that experienced this simpler time and the change that followed.

The goal of Our American Family is basic and we believe vital: to encourage all families to capture their stories now while they still can. Every day that passes is another day closer to a day when we will no longer be able to hear first-hand what it meant to be a family during this pivotal time now dubbed the Greatest Generation. To hear first-hand what lessons were learned that we can apply today.

If you are interested in having your family’s story considered for the Our American Family tapestry, we encourage you to review our requirements and to submit an online application.

Our American Family reveals what we all know deep down – that we have inherited a unifying belief in the American dream, regardless of race, culture or creed, and we proudly stand upon the shoulders of those who came before.

Meet Our American Family

We’re building a tapestry of our American family legacy, one that reminds us of our common belief in the American dream.

The Youngs
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The Smiths

The Barreras

The Furutas

The Clarks

The Mays

The Bolducs

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20,000 air dates · 88% national market coverage

Reaching 5M households per documentary

We thank our launch sponsors for bringing Our American Family to this important next step. As we expand the series to represent all Americans, we seek additional sponsors whose stories and vision align with ours.

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